Tuesday, February 25, 2014


I am in an odd mood today.  A very solitary disposition.  The thoughts and feelings in my head are analogous to a long and drunken stroll down a cramped alley.  The cold stone walls scraping against my arms as I meander in an out of the little alcoves that only a massive sprawling city can provide.  My strides are zig-zagging in pattern and my pace is sluggish and methodical.  The tiny signs and windows beckon to me with untold adventures and stories behind each door.  I do not stop, however, as I am in search of something.  I am seeking something hidden and imperative in these lost alleyways.  These long-forgotten roads where only the inebriated or the dangerous dare to tread.  I find myself drawn to the shadowy recesses along the passageways.  There are unknown entities in those places that seek me out as well, call to me with voices heavy with the passage of time.  Maybe, just maybe, these are the things I seek out as well.  

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